Worldwide IT spend is flat, yet business demands on IT continue to grow. CIOs and IT managers need to find new avenues to reduce costs for existing infrastructure and resources as they balance investment in new digital transformation initiatives. SUMMIT is a cloud based Integrated IT Operations management Platform that unifies key processes across Service, Asset, Availability and Project Management. Enterprises and Service Providers use SUMMIT to dramatically reduce cost and complexity of their IT Operations while improving efficiency, productivity, predictability and control

Resolve IT Tickets on First Call using Real-Time Intelligence

Resolve First Call using Real-Time Intelligence

Operational Intelligence is SUMMIT’s unique approach of correlating data from disparate systems to develop a situational awareness that helps transform IT support.

With Operational Intelligence, SUMMIT helps your analysts with ready answers and corrective actions for issues and problems in real-time, thereby dramatically reducing the resolution time and improving productivity.

Optimize your IT asset utilization with asset management

Traditional methods of procuring IT assets based on growth projections are outdates in today’s “as-a-service” world. Research shows that IT assets are operating at 20% of their capacity, which means a staggering 80% of IT assets are underutilized.

SUMMIT Asset Management focuses on lowering the cost of technology investments, increase ROI and bring IT resources in line with core business objectives. Our ITIL 2011 certified solution helps your organization manage software compliances, software metering, hardware metering via agent-less or agent-based discovery mechanisms which can mitigate risk, reduce cost and improve return on investments with an operational approach. This multi-tenant solution optimizes organizational efficiency by managing IT and non IT assets across the entire Asset Life Cycle right from planning, requisitioning, allocation, retirement, to disposal.

Improve the productivity of your IT support with Gamification

Helps drive change in work culture by introducing game mechanics and game design techniques in non-gaming context. SUMMIT Gamification solutions has been designed thoughtfully to build a workplace that is more competitive and fun for the delivery operations team. It also helps the CXOs to define and reinforce desired behavior in the support staff and drive the right work culture thereby improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

SUMMIT has over 100 built-in operational performance metrics that can help drive the right behavior in the team on a 24/7 basis.

Automation that creates space

Operations which tend to be repetitive can be monotonous, increasing the possibility of human error. Elimination of these tasks with service automation can significantly enhance the IT operations process and experience. Moreover, there are standard preventive maintenance tasks that need to be carried out on a periodic basis in optimal control and keeping the assets usable over longer periods of time, enhancing the overall asset life.

Get a 360 degree view of your IT infrastructure

SUMMIT’s Integrated Service Management, Asset Management, Availability Management and Project Management solution also contains a strong Business intelligence and Analytics engine which provides a comprehensive real-time view of how IT is performing. CIOs have easy access to a range of fully customizable dashboards that can show key metrics that relate to what the business cares about and have them delivered automatically to the key stakeholders. The SUMMIT reporting and analytics engine enhances visibility with a single system of record for your business services and IT infrastructure and allows for easy, dashboard style reporting to management.

Maximize availability and agility

SUMMIT helps increase service availability by managing end to end services, rather than technology. It also simultaneously maximizes operational agility by accelerating and automating remediation, improving governance and enhancing self-service.

Awards & Recognitions

Symphony SUMMIT has been recognized by some eminent institutions in the ITSM Industry.

Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition
Awads and Recognition
Awards and Recognition
Awards and Recognition
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