SUMMIT is a thoughtfully designed platform that is built ground up to leverage some of the latest advancements in technology making it truly the industry’s most advanced platform. The technologies that differentiate SUMMIT from other similar solutions in the market include:


SUMMIT Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence: Operational Intelligence is SUMMIT’s unique approach of correlating data from disparate systems to develop a situational awareness that helps transform IT support. With Operational Intelligence, SUMMIT helps your analysts with ready answers and corrective actions for issues and problems in real-time, thereby dramatically reducing the resolution time and improving productivity.

To learn more about SUMMIT Operational Intelligence, download our data sheet.

SUMMIT Runbook Automation

Runbook Automation: SUMMIT’s flexible and comprehensive Runbook Automation (RBA) engine can help automate many of the routine tasks and processes thereby freeing the analysts’ time for more complex issues. Not only does this help increase productivity and reduce costs, it also helps minimize the errors and increase the overall efficiency of IT operations.

To learn more about SUMMIT Runbook Automation, download our data sheet.

SUMMIT Gamification

Gamification: SUMMIT’s Gamification solution has been designed thoughtfully to build a workplace that is more competitive and fun for the IT operations team. It also helps the CIO to define and reinforce desired behavior in the IT staff and drive the right work culture thereby improving productivity and customer satisfaction. SUMMIT ships with over 50 built-in operational performance metrics that can help drive the right behavior in the team on a 24/7 basis.

SUMMIT Mobility Integration

Mobility Integration: SUMMIT is designed for the mobile era and comes with feature-rich mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms that give end users and IT staff access to the SUMMIT platform on an anywhere, anytime basis. Its unique SMS-based management system, enables IT teams to administer help desks as well as data centers from anywhere, resulting in higher productivity and availability.

SUMMIT Application Control

Application Control: SUMMIT’s Application Control technology for IT Asset Management handles compliance issues at the root by helping IT administrators block installation and execution of unauthorized software and applications both on & off 'network. The solution has been designed with real-time reporting to support the IT department, demonstrate compliance, understand usage behavior and refine policies.

SUMMIT Endpoint Compliance

Endpoint Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement: SUMMIT addresses the complex issue of Endpoint Compliance through a rich IT Asset agent that can be configured to monitor 200+ critical endpoint parameters in addition to asset parameters. This helps the IT administrator view the real-time compliance to the policies and drive appropriate enforcements.

Learn more about the SUMMIT ITSM platform, an advanced ITIL 2011 certified solution.