Vijaya Shanker

Vijaya Shanker


Senior Vice President of Technology & Product Management

Vijaya Shanker is Senior Vice President of Technology & Product Management at Symphony SUMMIT Software. Shanker brings more than 21 years of IT industry experience to Symphony SUMMIT. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Global IT and Managed services at Symphony Services, where he headed the Infrastructure and enterprise applications teams. Prior to Symphony Services, Shanker served as a practice head at Hewlett-Packard GlobalSoft, where he was responsible for managing the complete IT infrastructure, and remote IT management for HP's global managed services customers. Before joining HP, Shanker was Associate Vice President of network services and operations at Global Telesystems. Shanker holds a Bachelor's degree in electronics from Bangalore Institute of Technology.

Blogs by the author

Maximizing Business Value Through Service Availability

BY: | Jun . 16 . 2017

The rapid emergence of cloud services, Internet of Things and mobile innovations have given rise to a strong dependence on data-driven applications, which in turn, places a heavy reliance on the uninterrupted availability of infrastructure services. IT is thus faced with improving service quality and reducing costs in an ever-changing and complex environment. Amidst the […]

‘Whenever, Wherever’ Support for Great Customer Experience

BY: | Jun . 15 . 2017

Not only are today’s customers more mobile and information-enabled, they also have higher expectations. They demand services that are ‘always on’ and ‘always accessible’ from multiple touch points and channels. And through it all, customers expect their journey to be consistent, relevant, and personalized. First Call Resolution (FCR) – a Powerful Metric for Excellence From […]

Self-service– the Ultimate in Effective Service Delivery

BY: | Jun . 14 . 2017

As much as it sounds like a buzzword, self-service is not all that alien. Take for example the ubiquitous visit to the ATM. Or the numerous times we walk through automatic doors. Or when we fill gas in our vehicles in a self-serve mode. These are everyday instances of engaging with self-service. When applied to […]

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