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SME Availability Management



Job Title: SME Availability Management
Location: Bangalore
Job type: Permanent


Symphony SUMMIT is the leading provider of private and public cloud based IT Operations Management Solution to enterprises and service providers. It is one of the 20+ global companies backed by the Symphony Technology Group (STG).

Job description

  • Installation and Administration of Redhat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, ESX and HP-UX.
  • Configuration, Maintenance of NFS, NIS,Samba& DHCP server.
  • Installation and configuration Squid proxy server.
  • Installation and configuration of Sendmail and Postfix mail server.
  • Monitoring virtual memory, adding additional swap space as needed.
  • Documented various regular administrative tasks and backup procedure etc.
  • Systems administration, maintenance and monitoring various day to day operations.
  • Processes administration and management like monitoring start/stop/kill various processes/sub process.
  • User administration and management like add/change/delete.
  • Installation and configuration in services like SSH, Telnet, FTP.
  • Maintaining and changing file systems & disk assignments.
  • Configuration of LVM and software raid.
  • Taking regular & incremental backups of file systems & databases.
  • Scheduled various regular, periodic, futures, queue tasks by using crontab and at.
  • Troubleshooting file system crash, disk space problems and network problems.
  • File system administration & management like monitoring various logs, file system sizes etc.
  • Installation, Configuration and monitoring of server status by using Nagios and cacti.
  • Installation and configuration on Redhat Cluster Suite.
  • Installation and Administration of Solaris.
  • Configuration of Solaris container.
  • Installation and configuration of LDOM.
  • Knowledge of HP-UX
  • Working on vCloud Air System Test on DR to Cloud,VPC ondemand, vCloud Usage meter
  • Worked on vCenter NGC-UI functional Test with Selenium-TestNG.
  • Worked on vCD 5.5, vCD5.1 U2 SystemTest Large scale, Includes the deployment of vCD with Multi Cell environment and VC.
  • Worked on vCenter 6.0 System Test Large Scale, includes the deployment with embedded DB and External DB (Oracle) in different cycle.
  • Created Initial Configuration Setup Scripts for vCenter 6.0 System Test to avoid the manual error.
  • Able to create and Manage vSphere( VMOps/ ESXi) and vCD through PowerCLi scripts
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of VMWare Virtual center server.
  • Creation, Management and Configuration of Virtual Machines, Clone and Templates.
  • Creating clusters in VMware.
  • Snapshot manager and restoring snapshots.
  • Adapts to new systems and environments quickly, takes ownership of all duties, meeting management skills, Good work ethics, Group and individual based problem solving and decision making abilities

Years of experience

  • 7 to 12

Qualifications – MBA/Degree of relevant

  • Technical knowledge : Hands on experience in tools like service now, HP, BMC, CA etc and certified with ITIL

How to Apply

Please send resumes and cover letters to:

Only qualified individuals being considered will be contacted for an interview.

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