Process: Event Management

Providing in-depth analysis for automatic event resolution

Event logs generated during an incident contain vital information that deliver insights into user behavior, network anomalies and system downtime. An analysis of these, provides an in-depth understanding of errors and their causes. Since it is a time-consuming and painful process to study these event logs manually, SUMMIT Event Management automatically and centrally monitors and manages them for you. This module provides the most cost-effective IT Security Information Management (SIM) solution by supporting a wide range of event types generated from various devices.

Monitoring event logs provides more information on issues and error conditions. The Event Management module also enables the configuration of event thresholds and automated notification upon occurrence of an event or threshold violation. In turn, this provides the basis of availability management.

Main Benefits

  • Collection, centralization and archiving of event logs across multiple data centers, network systems, servers and applications.
  • Keeps support staff, engineers and third party suppliers up to date by sending alerts in case of escalations.
  • Searching made easy with event IDs for every type of event.

Key Features

  • Centralized event log repository
  • Collection and centralization of event log data
  • Multiple event correlation
  • Event records
  • Incident management integration
  • Alerts and escalations