In today’s hyper-competitive digital economy, the scope and pace of innovation is unprecedented. Innovation has become the core driver of company growth, fiscal performance, and valuation. For businesses to survive and thrive, the ability of all functional areas, including IT, to support the business through innovation has never been more vital in powering the digital experience.

Introducing SUMMIT Eureka

SUMMIT Eureka is a system of intelligence designed to take IT and business to greater levels of speed, responsiveness, and productivity. SUMMIT Eureka provides a powerful layer that bolts on top of existing applications such as IT Service Desk systems, IT Infrastructure tools, IT Applications and others to drive maximum productivity by analyzing, learning, predicting, and acting like a knowledge worker.

AI-powered SUMMIT Eureka enables an IT Service Desk to take a fresh look at the existing ways of running operations. Customers have new expectations around the speed and quality of interactions. It can power the IT Service Desk and transform the way routine tasks are performed.

Users converse with SUMMIT Eureka using natural language via chat or voice interfaces and receive personalized and intelligent responses. SUMMIT Eureka leverages sophisticated natural language processing technology to understand the intent of the issue. Issue can correspond to an incident, service request, or a query. SUMMIT Eureka also understands the context in which the intent was expressed and uses machine reasoning based techniques to determine the next best course of action. SUMMIT Eureka can automatically resolve majority of the user issues and the rest are intelligently routed to the right human agent. In addition, SUMMIT Eureka continuously tracks outcomes, and learns incrementally to dynamically improve the quality of its predictive models.

The following are the key benefits enabled by SUMMIT Eureka.

  • Turbocharged Productivity: SUMMIT Eureka contains an extensive set of capabilities based on leading-edge AI research, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition that dramatically eliminate complexity and increase the productivity of the enterprise.
  • Increased Speed of Execution: AI-powered automation works much more quickly than people and produces output 24x7 without the need for breaks and planned or unplanned absences.
  • Reduce IT Operations Cost: AI-powered automation leads to costs savings by reducing the workloads that need to be addressed by human agents. In a world where IT is constantly asked to do more with less, the augmentation of human labor with AI-powered automation promises to deliver the optimal balance between positive business outcomes and constrained budgets.
  • Reduced ‘Human Error’: Human errors place a handicap on the IT organization and have negative business implications in terms of quality, speed, cost, reputation, and in extreme situations, even the viability of the business. SUMMIT Eureka’s intelligent automation ensures human errors are kept to a minimum.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Deliver faster, better and personalized experiences to delight end-users and ensure that SLAs are consistently met.

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Introducing SUMMIT Eureka

Achieve More, Intelligently.

Conversational Interfaces:

AI is the new UI and Conversation is the new UX. SUMMIT Eureka’s conversational interfaces seamlessly comprehend user input and respond intelligently. Users interact with SUMMIT Eureka using natural language and engage with the system on a 24x7 basis.

Auto Resolution:

SUMMIT Eureka automates the resolution of majority of user issues to dramatically boost enterprise productivity.

Catch and Dispatch:

Upon receiving an issue, SUMMIT Eureka can automatically categorize and classify it, as well as assess its impact, urgency and severity. The issue can then be routed to the right human agent based on number of criteria. Specifically, SUMMIT Eureka accounts for a human agent’s skill, current workload, satisfaction rating, time taken to resolve similar issues, and other factors while selecting the optimal human agent for the issue.

Operational Intelligence:

SUMMIT Eureka empowers human agents to quickly resolve incidents by automatically providing them with essential information to resolve the incident. Specifically, SUMMIT EUREKA provides human agents with intelligent insights including the top reasons for the occurrence of the incident, the environmental context related to the incident, possible strategies for remediation, and any relevant changes that have been implemented recently. These recommendations facilitate rapid resolution and enable the left-shifting of IT Service desk workloads.

Auto Problem Ticket Creation:

SUMMIT Eureka continuously aggregates & correlate events to detect issues and identify potential root causes. Once the issue is discovered, SUMMIT Eureka proactively creates a problem ticket to facilitate speedy remediation.

Experience the future of IT Services

The future is now, and is powered by AI. By embracing this future, IT will be recognized as innovative, fast, nimble, responsive, and admired by business peers. Call us today to learn how SUMMIT Eureka can help you embark on this journey.

To learn more about SUMMIT Eureka, download our data sheet.